3ème ÉDITION 20 - 22 JUIN 2019 | de 11h à 19h tous les jours À CASABLANCA, AU PARC DES EXPOSITION DE L’OFFICE DES CHANGES

5 000
participants attendus
exposants de 35 pays
7 000
m² d'exposition
Ateliers pédagogiques


Au vu de l’excellent accueil de nos deux précédentes éditions par le marché marocain, nous avons rebaptisé le salon The Big 5 Construct North Africa qui sera désormais The Big 5 Construct Morocco. Ce salon vise une approche plus locale. Avec cette toute nouvelle présentation, nous avons hâte de contribuer encore davantage au développement du secteur du bâtiment au Maroc. Il se tient du 20 au 22 juin 2019 à l'Office Des Changes (CICEC). Nous nous efforçons de travailler au plus proche des évolutions du marché pour améliorer l'expérience de notre public et apporter une valeur ajoutée aux relations d'affaires qui se créent sur place.

Voulez-vous participer?

Au Maroc, le marché du bâtiment est en pleine expansion avec des projets de construction et d'infrastructures prévus qui représentent  au total environ 9,2 % des dépenses du gouvernement. Des facteurs déterminants du marché sont favorables aux investisseurs étrangers. Télécharger la plaqette commerciale pour en savoir plus.

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⦁  Semaine du développement durable au Maroc
⦁  Demonstration de produits en direct
⦁  Encore plus de produits en bois, chauffage, ventilation, climatisation et produits intérieurs
⦁  Opportunités sur le marché local
⦁  Trouvez des distributeurs
⦁  Trouvez des clients potentiels sur place

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The Big 5 Construct North Africa is really a great opportunity to meet new professionals and to establish a new professional relationships and get more experiences. The high level workshops gives us another chance to deeply analyze the current situation and looking for new horizons. The Big 5 Construct North Africa is also an opportunity to show our skills and leadership capabilities.

Boulakhbar Mouaad 

This show is very important for me, because it helped me to update myself on the new innovations, in the construction sector. I also got the chance to attend interesting workshops.

Darkaoui Alaoui Abdelaziz 

This show is an interesting event that gathers important professionals in the construction industry. I can update myself on the new innovations, equipment’s, and tools, through the exhibitions but also workshops.

El Asri

The Big 5 Construct North Africa is a must-attend show for innovative companies in the sector. Professionals can get valuable advice and meet exhibitors to improve sales and business.


I am looking forward to the products, workshops and networking at the show. I have also recommended the event to several colleagues who are active in the construction field. The Big 5 Construct North Africa is important in the industry as there are nearly all the products requested in construction by international companies.

Ismail ElKhettab

The Big 5 is an important event because it gathers experts from the industry. It allows to discuss not only the problems related to the field of construction but also to present solutions. Our company is particularly interested in workshops and audiences that cover new technologies in construction.

Ouazni el Mokhtar

NOVEC is a major player in engineering and major structuring project, able to support the development of Morocco in its territorial projects and support growth projects in Africa and the Middle East. I think this event will be an added value for NOVEC and will provide answers to experts in the sector.

Ouysse Meriem

This show is an opportunity for me to meet pairs that will help me to enlarge my supplier network. Moreover, thanks to the workshops, I can increase my knowledge on products. Thanks again for the invitation.

Lamhili Mohamed

Technology and Design Innovation for Sustainable Architecture in Harsh Climates: "The topic touched upon the exact things that we are talking about in the industry right now. As a contractor from California I face different problems and situations and so it was excellent that this session was specifically tying the topic to Morocco

Kelly Kammermeyer

As someone looking for prospects in the Morrocan market, this talk was definitely useful for me to understand the current status of the industry and has made me excited to join it.


I came here today in order to see the different companies working in the construction sector. I want to know more about the opportunities and priorities these companies have in the local market and in Africa. I also want to learn more about the new industries in the Moroccan building sector

Dali Ayoub
Mechanical engineer JACOBS Engineering SA