Who you’ll meet


The Big 5 Construct Morocco will put you in front of key buyers from this truly unique market, with some 4,000+ professionals expected to attend in order to source new suppliers and products, here are some of the job title you can expect to meet:

The challenge of staying up-to-date in a fast-paced business environment where technological innovation, professional education, knowledge of the latest construction materials and design methods impacts the architectural community as a whole is an ongoing issue for professionals across the region.

Meet manufacturers and suppliers to view and talk-through the latest products on show.

Client demand for optimised environments is linked to advancements in local green building regulations plus the more obvious challenges of restrictive budgets, the balance between function and form, and the evolution of smart home technology. 

The Big 5 Construct Morocco is the preferred destination for interior design professionals looking for the latest market knowledge, developments, and project solutions. 


As a professional working on some of the region’s most high profile superstructures, today’s structural engineers need to combine a specialist skillset encompassing technical, IT and design capabilities with their own creativity, commercial and regulatory awareness, and exemplary communication skills, in order to successfully manage and execute a project.

The complex multi-layered challenges of managing and delivering large-scale civil engineering projects in today’s competitive market environment vary from sustainability issues and cost control considerations through to compliance and regulatory requirements.

With a need to research and evaluate mechanical systems in their entirety, confirm and develop systems and product capabilities and manage product development, installation, integration and performance, the associated challenges require the highest level of technical understanding, problem-solving skills, and a quality focus.

A dynamic role in an evolving industry means that electrical engineers need to be at the top of their game whether it’s understanding the complexities of large-scale project demands in a changing technologically-driven world, adapting to new regulatory code requirements or working with multi-disciplinary teams at all levels.

From the design phase through to the operational green light, MEP services are at the forefront of the energy efficiency agenda and, with green building standards gaining ground across the region.

Involved in every phase of project development and delivery, contractors play a pivotal role in constructing the built landscape, and with this weighty responsibility comes equally substantial challenges.

Constricted budgets and clients with ambitious vision can be challenging for even the most experienced project manager. Add changes in project scope, a lack of correctly skilled personnel or insufficient support, unclear contingency plans and unrealistic deadlines, and this can have major implications for any project.

Keen budgeting capabilities, compliance expertise, relationship building, strategic oversight and the ability to manage exacting project timelines along with delivery schedules, are just five challenges faced by today’s procurement professionals. Develop new strategic relationships, connect with best-in-class specialty product and materials innovators, and gain invaluable insight into the latest industry systems and software benefiting procurement professionals at The Big 5 Construct Morocco.

As a professional involved with the latest construction mega projects and superstructures, The Big 5 Construct Morocco has many of the solutions, experiences and touch points designed to meet your specific needs.

Network with the industry’s respected consultants to discuss the latest products and solutions available. Discover the most up to date technologies designed to help your role, and get updated information on the regulatory requirements impacting your current and up and coming projects.